About this blog

This blog, like my life, is a work in progress.  What I post here is not, by any means, written in stone.  It is not my final word on any topic; my opinions on things are ever changing and evolving, and therefore I may alter or update text on existing posts at any time.  If I feel that the update is notable enough, I may actually post it as an "update" at the bottom of the post.  At other times I may add or alter text without any sort of notification.  And certainly if I feel I've had a complete change of opinion on something I will likely create an entirely new post about it. 

I welcome any and all commentary.  I do not wish to censor anyone and you can post comments anonymously without having to register.  I only ask that commentators do not engage in abusive or mean-spirited comments towards one another.

Conversely, comments directed at my writings can be as abrasive as one feels is necessary.  However, I should let it be known that, as much as I try to take the high-road when dealing with detractors, I have dabbled in the sardonic arts over more than 3 decades now and I come from a long line of smart-asses, so do not be surprised if I offer a biting quip or two in response.

Although I started this blog on a whim and for my own amusement, I do hope that it in the least causes some people to think about things in a new way or from a different angle, whether they agree with my assertions or not.  And I think the most important thing you should remember when reading this blog is:  Do not believe anything that I say.  I am human, ergo I am full of shit.