My glossary

AGW/ACC - Anthropogenic Global Warming, or Anthropogenic Climate Change; the theory that global temperatures are rising and/or that catastrophic weather events are increasing in severity and number, and that these changes in the weather are mainly, or are due in large part, to human activity.

CLOGs - Corporations (including banks), Oligarchies, Law Enforcement and Governments.  Basically any group of humans who want to slow-down, suppress, oppress, pervert, convert or divert the human spirit. (Plus, they really do gum up all the works, don't they?)

MSM - Mainstream Media, i.e. large CLOG-run propaganda outlets.

PTB - The Powers That Be. Currently this group of people would mainly include those who run the larger CLOGs of the world, but in the past this might have included monarchies, religious oligarchies, etc...