Sunday, December 27, 2009

What took me so long?

If asked to describe me, I imagine that anyone who knows me will tell you two things: That I love to talk about myself and what I think, and that I am constantly questioning everything. I always have. My entire life.

Remember in school, when the teacher would ask the class a question and only one kid in class would have their hand raised, and the teacher would ask: "Anyone else?" — I was that kid. And you know when you're attending a meeting at work and the person heading the meeting asks if there are any other questions or comments and everyone in the room looks over at one person? — That's me.

I love learning and have an insatiable urge to know things. Rarely do I ponder a question aloud without searching for the answer. It is for this reason that I am addicted to the Internet. I love the sharing of ideas, the access to information and the little glimpses and insights into the human psyche that the Internet provides.

Knowing all this about myself, it really struck me yesterday when Dave (my "significant other") asked me whether I ever considered putting my own blog together. Surely I had, but why I've never gone ahead and done it is beyond me. Maybe through this blog I'll figure out why that is.

I hope you enjoy the adventures inside my mind as much as I do.

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