Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New posts to come

Wow.  So it's been over 3 months already since my last post.  I've had about a half-dozen posts on the go now since at least the summer.  I forgot how challenging it is to write!  I haven't had to do any writing of any great significance since high school.  If anything, this blog has definitely given me some well needed practice.

I think I might also be getting harder on myself as I go along; I'm dealing with a lot of subject matter which is outside of the mainstream and so I guess I feel the need to be a lot more careful with my fact checking and providing links and reading material which back-up my claims.  I also find myself trying to preemptively address the many arguments one can make against the opinions expressed in my posts, which I realise is an impossible task.  This in no doubt stems from my own propensity to be critical of people who make weak arguments or arguments based on faulty logic.  Heaven knows I do it too, but now I'm more conscious of it, so much to the point that it's slowing down my progress quite a bit. 

So I've been feeling pressure lately to post something, anything, to keep people interested in this blog o' mine.  I just want to assure the few of you who follow it that I haven't disappeared.  Here are a few things I am working on and hope to post in the near future:
  • The Climate Change debate
  • Wikileaks: Benevolent truth seekers or something else?
  • The importance of empathy and mindfulness
  • More on my move from being a self-described left-winger towards the ideas of anti-statism
So, fingers crossed, I hope to actually post something new soon.  Rest assured, I'm working on it.


  1. seems you take the opposite tact of me on my blog...I want people to argue with me...to the point that I'm being purposefully controversial sometimes...it's just more fun that way ;)

  2. Hey what happened to all those new posts I've heard so much about?!? :D Miss reading your stuff!

  3. Damn! I posted that in Jan? Seems like it was only a couple of weeks ago! LOL.

    I'm glad to hear you like reading my stuff. You've given me renewed inspiration.

    K. I gotta buckle down.