Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Freeman/Sovereign/Natural Person awakening

I'd like to give you all a high-level overview (as I see it) of a very interesting awakening coming about; when I originally started writing this post I tended to use the word “movement” to describe it, but I hesitate to call it that since this is not really a coherent or organised amassing of people towards a common goal, but rather an awakening of individuals to a greater reality -- individuals who have come to some very similar conclusions about life, reality and consciousness. (WARNING FOR SKEPTICS AND THE LIKE: I’ve just used some scary terms like “awakening”, “a greater reality” and “consciousness”. Please believe me when I say that I am not going all crystal-wearing, purple-loving, candle-burning, seminar-attending, mantra-chanting crazy. This is not what this is about, so please read-on...) There are also so many levels and layers to the story that the best I can do is provide you an introduction (as I see it) and allow you to find your own route to discovery.

I've been studying this stuff for about a year and a half now and I find it both fascinating and inspiring. Thus far I have only found stories of individuals from the English-Speaking Western World who are putting these concepts to practice (no doubt, due in large part to the fact that I am English speaking and that the internet is dominated with English-based information); there very well could be others in the world coming to very similar conclusions about life, but I have yet to discover them.

Part of the appeal, for me, is that this awakening is comprised of a very diverse and interesting cast of characters; people who have awakened to the games of law, government, and corporations -- sometimes via a slow awakening and at other times by accident, sometimes after having been “agents” on the inside, sometimes after having been victims of the con. The ideas and concepts that many of these people espouse (I’ll get to just who they are in a moment) really hit home with me on a deeper, moral and (dare I say) spiritual level. (SKEPTICS: I’m warning you: Keep reading!) And the simple fact that so many different people, from so many different places in the world, have come to such similar conclusions via such different avenues tells me that there must be some truth to it. This is not a “movement” whereby some charismatic individual manages to convince another group of people about the nature of reality and/or the self. They weren’t born-into these ideas, much like one is to organised religion. This is truly an organic expansion of consciousness, and contrary to many of the prophets and gurus throughout history you will actually find that the people involved in spreading the ideas of this awakening will often make statements such as “I’m not a leader”, “I don’t know everything”, “I’m not especially intelligent”, “don’t just believe what I say; investigate it for yourself”. For the most part, these are not people looking to gain profit or fame from this information, they simply want to share what they’ve discovered with the world and the internet has certainly allowed them to do that.

Yes, you might find some of these people to be a bit eccentric (for lack of a better term), but I challenge anyone to find me a true "free thinker" who doesn't communicate ideas which fall outside of bounds of societal norms (whatever those are.) There is also a spiritual message that is very closely connected and intertwined with this awakening, and I know how that can also turn some people off. Having been raised in a household with no religious affiliation (read atheistic) I certainly cringe at times when someone starts to drift into the territory of “God” and “the power of the self” and “trusting intuition”; terms like these, at least for me, tend to conjure up images of houses of worship, Oprah gurus, personal empowerment seminars, e-meters and the like. However, I’m starting to warm up to these concepts a little more, due in no small part to the concepts of the freeman/sovereign/natural person awakening.

A large part of this awakening has to do with the realisation that the whole world of laws, governmental regulation/taxes, fiat currency, etc. -- things by which most of us feel bound -- are actually nothing more than ink on paper. WE humans created these things and WE humans give them power over us and WE humans ALSO have the ability to choose not to take part in those constructs and systems. Admittedly, this is very obvious to many of us, but I find very few of us actually believe it, or at least, there are many of us (and I include myself in this group, although I am trying to free myself of this) who think that these things have been around for so long and there is such an institution and web built around it, that we have no choice but to continue on within it, but the fact is, there are people living today in Canada, the US, the UK and Australia who have decided for themselves what relationship, if any, that they want to have with the various governmental and fiscal bodies of the world. Many of these people no longer pay income or property taxes, do not register their vehicles with the government, travel freely without a driver’s licence or passport, and pay for services such as post-secondary education, electricity bills, credit card bills etc... using a bond created in their name when their birth was registered with the state. Many of us do not even know of the existence of such an account in our names, let alone how to use it. One might also ask: “If such a thing exists: Why don’t I know about it?” And this is a VERY interesting question and is but a fraction of the stuff you’ll discover with some of the links I am about to provide.

Another part of this awakening is to understand the history and the language of law. Due to the fact that very few of us went to law school, very few of us truly understand the language of law. Although English law texts will contain words written in what looks like English, many of the words used in law and commerce actually have a very different meanings, sometimes even opposite to the same word’s definition in an English-language dictionary; it is because of these assumptions that most of us make -- including, sadly, assumptions made by enforcement officers (i.e. the police, the tax man, airport security) -- that the con works.

But the most attractive thing to me about this awakening is the importance on questioning EVERYTHING that we don't understand and taking NOTHING for granted. Many of the victories experienced by these people in legal matters came from them simply asking the right questions. There are certain questions that the establishment does not want to address, otherwise their con falls apart, and so there are people who are winning cases in court, and even avoiding court cases all together, because the Courts would rather throw the case out than allow anyone else in the court to figure out what's going on.

So where to start? There are bits and pieces all over the web. Here are some people whose work is worth investigating.


Robert-Arthur: Menard. (Why did I write his name like that? You'll have to watch his videos to find out.) Rob is a Canadian currently living in BC. He has made many videos available on the web and his YouTube channel which he updates quite regularly. He also has a website: However, I would suggest you start with these two particular movies which explain his discoveries about statute law.

Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception – 1hr 20mins. In this video Rob explains many of the terms in law which we misinterpret due to their actual “legal” meanings. He discusses such things as the concept of the “person” in law, the right to travel, the bond created by your birth certificate and much, much more. He also discusses many interesting experiences that he and others have had in court.

The Magnificent Deception - 2hrs 01mins. In this video Rob further expands on the concepts introduced in Bursting Bubbles. He discusses such things as how we unknowingly become agents of the government, how tickets are actually bills of exchange, and of course his always amusing interactions with police officers and agents of the judicial system.

Rob has also started on his Very Cunning Plan which he has further updated on and through videos posted to his YouTube channel.


The Strawman Illusion - 1:34:55. This is audio of a presentation by Thomas (aka Agent J) Anderson, from Australia. In it he discusses the concept of "The Strawman" or the "capitalised fiction" which is created with the registration of our birth. There is also this interview of Thomas by Adam Davis of Truth Movement Australia available on YouTube.


Russell Anthony Porisky of The Paradigm Group has a couple of his presentations on the web. He is one of the many people who accidentally discovered the intricacies language of law when a case against him was dismissed in court after he asked a particular question. In his presentations Your Human Rights and the Illusion - 3hrs 23mins and Reclaiming Our Rights - 1hr 41mins he discusses the language of law and how to decipher it. He also talks about the origins and significance of our capitalised fiction -- our name in all capital letters. Russell's journey tends to be more focused on tax laws in Canada and why he believes Canadians are not required to pay income tax if you properly decipher the statues of the tax act. The Paradigm Group also has their own website at, although as I type this their site is under construction.

Update: I should mention that one of the commenters on this post stated that Porisky has been imprisoned for tax evasion. Although I cannot find any information about his conviction via the web, it is true that the website has been taken down and I'm thinking that Robert-Arthur:Menard may have indeed referenced Porisky in a couple of his talks which I saw on his YouTube channel -- in these videos Rob advised against the use of the "natural person" defence, adding that a man had gone to jail trying to argue that point.  Even if this is the case, this does not invalidate his argument, in my opinion.  I also still strongly recommend the aforementioned videos to help one understand how to deconstruct laws and statutes.

Mary Elizabeth: Croft has lived in both the US and Canada and is best known for her lengthily-titled web-book How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash Confiscatory Agency Known to Man ... a Spiritual Economics Book on $$$ and Remembering Who You Are. Mary Elizabeth discusses interactions with law enforcement and collection agents on both sides of the border and how laws, taxes, bills, etc. are all used to keep the general populace in a constant state of worry and fear, which in turn allows them to be more easily controlled and manipulated. Her text is a long one and does tend to go into different directions. Her book was one of the first things I read and I find that now that I have been doing some more investigating I am better equipped to go back and read this book again. I do however love her conviction and sardonic view of things.

Mary Elizabeth also has a blog called Spiritual Economics Now.


Veronica: Chapman is from the UK and also hosts her own website FMOTL stands for Freeman-on-the-Land. As you will see, the very first thing she states on her home page is: "This is a weird website. It is deliberate." It is not especially easy to navigate, but contains some great info as well as examples of documents, such as her NOUICOR (a Notice of Understanding and Intent and Claim of Right). She also has her own web-book Freedom Is More Than Just A Seven-Letter Word.  She has also published a paperback version which apparently has some updates and an extra chapter.

I also enjoy Veronica's writings. She is quite direct and actually pokes a few jabs at some of the people mentioned above and I find that her book is a good summary of much of what has been discovered by Robert, Thomas, Mary-Elizabeth et al. However, I do find that in order to comprehend some of what she discusses in her book, you need to read some of the works of the people mentioned above in advance.


John Harris. I love listening to this guy speak, not only because of his heavy cockney accent, but he just says things in a way that really ring true to me. I have a few of his speeches and interviews on my YouTube Channel, including his talks titled It's an Illusion. He is also the creator of the website - TPUC stands for The Peoples United Collective.


Other names you might want to Google:
  • Irene-Maus: Gravenhorst
  • Gary-Thomas: Clement
  • Jon Witterick

...So this is all just a starting point. There is certainly a lot to investigate, watch and read out there, including the forums of the various sites mentioned above where people are discussing these topics and putting them into action in their own lives. I suspect that I'm not going to receive many comments on this post, if any; I have written a lot and have provided links to a lot of lengthy documents as well as videos, some of which are hours long. Unless this stuff truly interests you I suppose this would all be quite boring. I do however hope that someone out there comes across this post and discovers a new way of looking at the world and “reality” (for lack of a better term). And as always, I welcome any and all commentary.


  1. Hi Marchije,
    You've described what I also call the "sovereignty awakening" very well!
    The vast and complex knowledge required to even conceive of living as a sovereign tends to quickly thin the already miniscule percentage of folks capable of it.
    Freedom is never free, but once sovereignty has settled between your ears, every moment is priceless.

    Other Resources.

    Man on the Land; Ohio
    -- Charles Robert

  2. Thanks Charles! New information to absorb is always appreciated.

  3. "...The Paradigm Group also has their own website at, although as I type this their site is under construction...."

    Actually the website has been taken down as a condition of Porisky's bail....on tax evasion charges....

    He should be wearing an orange jumpsuit in the near future.

  4. @Anonymous I'm so sorry to hear that. If anyone has any info on what happened and when please post a comment. I haven't been able to find anything about it on the web yet.