Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Love Police

Props go out to Charlie Veitch, Danny Shine, et al. I absolutely adore what these guys do. It makes me want to buy a megaphone and go down to Dundas Square.

If you like what you see check out Charlie Veitch's YouTube Channel for more Love Police shenanigans, as well as their newly created website

You might also want to check out Danny's YouTube Channel as well as his blog. Danny also does some interesting talks at Speakers Corner in London's Hyde Park, some of which he has recorded and posted on his YouTube Channel.



UPDATE 03/10/2010:  I am saddened to report that Danny has decided to part ways with Charlie and has since requested that Charlie take down any videos in which he had appeared and has taken down his own personal videos from his own You Tube channel as well.

Here's what Danny had to say on his blog.

And here's an update from Charlie about the situation: 

Danny was an extremely funny, smart and thoughtful contributor, not only to You Tube, but to the greater consciousness in general, and although I understand his reasons for parting ways with Charlie, I'll certainly miss Danny's exploits and commentary. Hopefully we'll see/hear from him again in the near future.

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